Create vivid, unique and inspiring postcards for any need or occasion – from greeting cards for events (such as Christmas and anniversaries), to postcards (an upcoming sale or special promotion?) and specialty cards (such as golf or sporting event score cards).

Use our card printing services to produce a range of card styles! They’re loved by clients, staff, friends and family. You can even personalize your cards – ask us how today!

For businesses, add your company brand to your selection and use our design and layout services to captivate your audience and boost your brand – all at the same time. We recommend a sturdy stock, such as our 400gsm Deluxe Artboard or the lighter and popular 310gsm Deluxe Artboard.

You decide the details of your post cards. We have a large range of standard stocks and options – speak to us about tailoring them to your requirements. We make it simple to design the look of your business card. Just email or call us and one of our designers will assist.

  • Available sizes:
    • Postcards – 184mm x 110mm
    • Golf Score Cards – 210mm x 148mm
    • Greeting Cards – 198mm x 210mm
  • Colour:

    Full Colour one side or both sides

  • Finish:
    • Matt or Gloss Celloglazing available on 200gsm & above
    • Available on one or both sides
  • Optional extras:

    20mm x 38mm Magnet attached to back

  • Stock:
    • 80gsm through to 350gsm
    • Gloss, Bond and Matt (Satin) stock
    • Not all stock types are available in every gsm
    • Recycled stock available


Your card’s look can be divided into four elements: Size, Colour, Finish and Stock. Additionally, you can add some optional extras (as detailed below).

First of all, lets us explain what each of the elements of the cards means to you.


Standard: We offer three basic choices of sizes:

  • Postcards –  184mm x 110mm
  • Golf Score Cards –  210mm x 148mm
  • Greeting Cards –  198mm x 210mm


Full Colour Front and/or Back

We can print your cards in full colour, with or without added text. It might use photographs for the artwork and add text, or graphics and text, or any combination of all of those. It all depends on how you want it to look, what you need to convey and, of course, your budget.

Using colour (in text and graphics, in this case) makes your card stand out, and experts say that certain colours tell your customer something about you and can have an impact on them. Think about what reaction you want your cards to have.

Above all, pick the colour or colours that complement your business and character. Your cards represent you and your company, and are part of your brand identity.


Celloglaze in Matt or Gloss (available on 200gsm & above)

Celloglazing will give your business cards a professional look and feel. A thin sheet of film is added to the entire surface area of the card under heat and pressure. This gives your card a smooth, silky feel and offers added protection and durability, especially from moisture.

Cello glazing comes in matt and gloss options.

Matt celloglaze is non-reflective and is good if you’re one of those people who like to write on your 0card0.0

Gloss celloglaze gives your cards a clear and shiny finish that brightens and enriches your card’s colours.

We can celloglaze your cards on just one or both sides.

Cards are also available without Celloglaze


In printing ‘stock’ means the type of paper you would like to use for your cards. You might think this is not that important, but stop a moment to consider that these documents are going to be used, passed around and perhaps hung or pinned on walls … so it is important how they feel and last.

This means choosing the right paper can make the world of difference when it comes to first impressions. We offer choices between:

  • 80gsm through to 350gsm
  • Gloss, Bond and Matt (Satin) stock
  • Not all stock types are available in every gsm
  • Recycled is also available


Now you’ve got the basic printing decisions made you are ready to go ahead and add the artwork and then order your documents!

Talk to us about your final wording and art. We offer some guidelines on the next tab or, if you need more personalized help, our team is ready to discuss this with you and to help as much (or as little) as you would like.


Do you need your cards straight away? Contact us for more details.

  • Bleed:

    2mm on all sides.

  • Safe zone:

    3mm in from all sides.

  • Accepted file types:

    PDF version 1.4 or higher formats only.

  • Resolution:

    300 dpi for all images and artwork at full size; 800 dpi for all text as an image.

  • Colours:

    CMYK or grey scale only.

  • Fonts:

    All fonts are embedded or converted to curves so they print correctly



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